Why do people need P2 face masks?

Facemasks help to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases by stopping the viruses from entering the nose and mouth. The mask protects the person wearing it. But the edges of a regular face mask are not designed to seal the nose and mouth. People can buy a P2 face mask online when they need to protect their nose and mouth from very fine particles in the air outside their homes. With a face mask, they can leave their homes without fear of smoke and other fine particles that can damage their lungs. Today, face masks are used to prevent COVID-19 and are recommended by all healthcare professionals and the World Health Organisation.

N95 masks look similar to P2 masks, but they are not the same. Breathing through P2 masks is easier, and the mask manufacturers do fit testing to ensure that it fits perfectly. The masks are designed to seal the mouth and the nose. They are made from four layers of fine nano fibres, which filter 99% of airborne particles. However, only when the mask is worn correctly can it filter out fine particles from the air.

How does smoke affect people?

Smoke contains many chemicals, including aldehydes, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, acid gases and aromatic hydrocarbons. The amount of chemicals and particles in the smoke varies. It depends on what is burned, the burn temperature, and oxygen availability. People should not get exposed to high levels of smoke because it can lead to health issues and respiratory diseases.

When a person inhales the carbon monoxide from the smoke, it decreases the body’s oxygen supply. As a result, the person’s alertness is reduced, causing headaches and a heart condition called angina. In addition, the fine particles in the smoke cause respiratory irritation and shortness of breath, leading to asthma and heart disease. Avoiding smoky situations is the best way for people to protect themselves. They must wear a protective P2 face mask if going out is unavoidable.

How to wear a P2 face mask?

Before handling a mask, people must wash their hands well with soap and water or use a hand sanitiser. They must not touch the inner layer of the mask, the portion which touches the nose and mouth. The nose bridge strip must be at the top, and it must be moulded to the nose. The mask must not allow the air to escape around the sides, bottom or top. People must throw the used masks in the bin and wash their hands after disposing of the mask.

P2 masks need to be disposed of after using them for 24 hours. When the mask becomes moist, people must change it. They must remove the mask in a place where the air is cleaner.

Due to the high demand for face masks, some people sell fake face masks. Therefore, before buying a mask, people must ensure that it meets the specified standards. For example, the masks must have the manufacturer’s name and the filter classification, like P1 or P2.

People who do not want to step out of their house can buy a P2 face mask online. First, people must purchase face masks from shops selling quality clinical and medical supplies. These shops allow people to place online orders to buy P2 face masks. It is a quick process where the masks are delivered to a person’s house. Even if using face masks is not mandatory in certain places, people need masks to stay safe and protected. The masks help people to step out of their houses with confidence.

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