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Why Do Not More People Move to Wyoming?

Most people assume the lower 48 are already filled. This is far from the case. Wyoming has a variety of distinct communities, each with its own unique personalities and a rich history. There are also booming energy and retirement service industries. People often stop to talk about the latest news, or even stop to help a broken-down car. It’s all part of the charm of Wyoming. Yet, why don’t more people move to this state?

The beauty of the landscape is unrivaled. The state is home to 32 named islands, most of which are in Jackson Lake and Yellowstone National Park. In 1891, President Benjamin Harrison signed a law creating the first National Forest in the country, the Shoshone Forest. In 1891, a Rawlins doctor tanned the skin of Big Nose George Parrott. A few years later, John Eugene Osborne turned the criminal’s skin into shoes, and became the first Governor of the state.

Wyoming’s low taxes are among the reasons for its popularity. The average household income in Wyoming is $28,700, but it is only a quarter of the national average. Because of the state’s high cost of living, many residents live in poverty. The state’s tax structure benefits the wealthier population disproportionately, with the poorest twenty percent paying up to six times the amount of taxes as the rich. Moreover, Wyoming’s median income is relatively low, so a lower income will make a big difference.

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