What is the Reflection About Luke?

What is the reflection about Luke? Let’s take a look at this Gospel passage and consider the context for Luke’s message. Luke 3:15-17 is the context for Jesus’ baptization. The people in the synagogue were proud of Jesus, who was a local hero. But Jesus’ ministry suggests that God is much larger than he is, and his stories are infused with the work of the Holy Spirit.

In his Gospel, Jesus is hungry, after fasting for forty days. He is tempted by the devil. The word “tempted” denotes that the temptation is ongoing. Jesus is tempted three times during his fast. In each temptation, the devil speaks first, and Jesus replies. The story ends with the devil leaving Jesus. Luke’s Gospel is a powerful testimony to God’s love for the world.

Jesus’ response to temptations is rooted in an underlying narrative of His dependence on God. His responses demonstrate a profound understanding of his dependence on God for life, glory, and identity. Without God, we can’t stand on our own. But with God, we can be sure that he will come for us! He will not leave us alone if we’re not prepared. The key to Christian living is preparation. Without preparation, we’re not prepared to stand firmly in righteousness.

In the night before His Crucifixion, Jesus calls a group of twelve from his wider group of disciples. This group is the nucleus of renewed Israel. The people of Israel, traditionally, were made up of twelve tribes. Jesus sees this group as the nucleus of a renewed nation. During His ministry, His primary focus was to revitalize Israel and all of humanity. Moreover, Israel’s calling was to be a light for the nations.

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