What Are the Industrial Uses of N2 Gas?

One of the most sought-after substances in numerous industrial manufacturing processes is nitrogen gas. This particular gas can be employed in many applications because of its static nature, including food processing, the beverage and brewing industries, oil and gas exploration, etc. And this article discusses the most prevalent industrial uses for N2 gas.

Manufacture of Food

This gas is used in a few industrial food production facilities, and for the most excellent quality, alcohol is now mixed with it. The freshness of commercially manufactured food is also extended using N2 gas in adapted environmental packaging.

Brewing Beer

Nitrogen is often used in place of carbon dioxide or in combination with it in some beers, like stouts and British ales, to produce tiny bubbles that make the beverage simpler to serve. It is also pumped into beer bottles and cans.

Electronics Manufacturing

Many people may be curious about how this gas is used in electronics production; blackout-causing oxidation is avoided in manufacture by using inert N2.

Industrial Settings That Are Unstable

This gas is perfect for use in industrial settings with a high risk of spontaneous combustion due to its lack of reactivity. As such, it can be used in place of oxygen in the processing plant to make high-explosive chemical facilities safer.

In System Used to Put Out Fires

Oxygen makes the fire grow more quickly and burn more ferociously. Meanwhile, N2 is used in fire suppression systems to blast fires swiftly with it to lower the oxygen content.

To Inflate Tyres

By contrasting an inflated tyre with a standard pneumatic tyre, azote gas improves pressure retention. As such, these tyres often have longer lifespans and greater mileage.

Lighting Industry

Tungsten is an oxygen-resistant metal that burns. And non-reactive gases like N2 are used in incandescent bulbs primarily for this reason. In addition, this gas is less expensive than other noble gases like radon, argon, and helium.

Removal of Organic Volatile Compounds (VOCs)

Industrial waste containing VOCs is frequently unsuitable for quick disposal. As such, operators can abide by applicable environmental protection rules by removing undesirable volatile organic compounds from the trash using mephitic gas.

Chemical Business

N2 is the most often used gas in sample preparation and chemical analysis, as it enriches chemical sample concentrations.

Miners’ Safety

The industrial process of mining is high-risk and necessitates stringent safety measures. And replacing the oxygen in the air with N2 gas can put out mine fires in a safe manner. The decommissioning of mines employs a similar strategy, in which the injection of gaseous azote identifies the volatile spaces.


Almost all synthetic medications on the market today contain molecular N2. In producing numerous medication types, including powerful antibiotics, mephitic gas is crucial. Meanwhile, a compound called nitrous oxide is used to convert it into a gas.

Production of Stainless Steel

When producing stainless steel, N2 is utilised to purge impurities. Corrosion resistance is one of the best characteristics of stainless steel and is a result of the addition of this gas during manufacturing.

There is a lot to N2 gas, which has shown to be valuable in many sectors. And to improve your equipment, install a nitrogen gas generator nearby or find a reputable supplier. They are there to offer a steady stream of high-quality, pure mephitic gas to the industrial process while lowering the safety hazards.

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