Wearing the Cowboy Hat for the First Time Can Be Challenging – The Style Tips to Ease You Up

The new-age women consider style and fashion as her tools of empowerment. She sees it as an intangible element that instantly adds to her self-esteem and persona. The 21st-century style-conscious woman is not just about embracing stylish fabrics and cuts. She also wants to make the most of the accessories, which is inclusive of stylish hats. One hat style that has made a classic comeback in the runway shows and at the designer stores is the western cowboy hat. And needless to say, it has generated a sense of curiosity among most women who want to embrace chic headwear.

The charm of the cowboy hat

One look at the cowboy hat, and you know that this hat is a blend of high-end fashion and functionality. It got worn by the cowboys to secure themselves from the extreme heat while they were out on the ranches. From there, it got adapted as a style that most villains in western movies would wear. That aside, with time, various elements got added to the cowboy hat, such as feathers that acted as an interesting symbolism. Similarly, when women gifted a man with a feather, they used to wear it on their cowboy hats as a sign of memory and appreciation.

Luckily, today the cowboy hat is available in a wide range of sizes, textures, and styles. It means you can delve into what the hat world has to offer you and select the size that caters to you. You can wear this hat for as long as you want. It doesn’t just provide excellent sun protection but also appears very trendy.

There is an innate rustic charm about the cowboy hat. Imagine a woman wearing this, and you will think about adjectives like relaxed, casual style, and boldness. Most style-conscious women wear cowboy hat because they wish to embrace the masculine appeal that the hat has. Often women wear this hat with denim, especially the bootcut jeans, to approximate the Wild West fervor. Having said that, women today can also wear this hat with their bodycon dresses and flowing summer attires that cater to their comfort. Additionally, they can wear it during a formal gathering at the office or amongst a family set-up.

Wearing the hat for the first time – things to keep in mind

Women often wear something bold that will make a statement but don’t know where to start. The desire to wear a cowboy hat can get counted here. Do you resonate with that? In this article, we will touch upon the relevant points that will enable you to wear this hat with ease, even if it’s your first time.

1. Get a high-end hat

Investing in a good cowboy hat is essential. It means you need to buy a hat that comes in the correct size and fit so that it doesn’t appear too loose or tight. That way, it might come in the way of your comfort. There are leading hat makers who specialize in good-quality cowboy hats. To know more about this, you can check out

2. Choose your outfits well

The moment you think of a cowboy hat, the word washed-out and torn denim will play in your mind. It is the most obvious connection. While it is always a smart call to wear denim pants and a top with the cowboy hat, you can experiment with other attractive dresses as well. For instance, you can decide to choose a denim pinafore dress or a tunic and pair it with a black cowboy hat. Alternatively, when you attend a formal occasion, you can pair it up with a black, form-fitting dress. Women can also wear this hat when they are out on vacation, wearing a sundress, a tee, and denim shorts.

3. A basic cowboy hat does the trick

The new-age designers have come up with cowboy hats that have attractive embellishments. While it is always exciting to wear an attractive hat with fancy add-ons, it’s essential to assess your comfort and inhibitions. You might feel that all these intricate decorations might be too much of a deal for you. And that is a fair point. Hence, starting with a basic, simple, classy cowboy hat is always best. Get in basic shades like black or brown and match it with your attire. A leather cowboy hat might be a tad bit heavy. So, to get used to this hat form, ensure that you invest in a good-quality straw cowboy hat that is lightweight and can help you get used to wearing it.

Finally, the way to correct your cowboy hat is to ensure that you start simple and move on to other experimentation. It will enable you to understand which hat styles match your persona, and you can carry it with elan.

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