Tips And Advice For First-Time Travellers

Travelling has become an escape from the daily monotonous routine of our lives and lets us explore and experience heights and achieve milestones. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to travelling and going on trips. Some like to visit beaches while others enjoy the mountains or historical places. Well, no matter the destination, travelling has been proven to be the best break from the hectic daily routine.

Even though travelling is a therapy, it becomes overwhelming with all the planning, expenses, and much more. If you have not taken a solo trip, this blog can become your companion in planning a perfect first trip solo or in a group. Some people make a bucket list in which they add various activities to be completed within a time frame and usually mark their birthdays or any other significant day for the first trip. If your friend or family member plans a trip, you can give them the following tips and advice for a perfect and safe trip. There are various travel-related online gifts available that you can give them to encourage and help, such as a travel essentials kit.

Refer to the below-mentioned points for tips and advice if you are planning for a solo or group trip soon.

A Comprehensive Research

Before selecting the place, do detailed research about the various options available for you. Shortlist two or three destinations you like the most and then do comprehensive research about your favourite place you are planning to go. The things you should cover in your research include accommodation details, public transport details like what mode of transport you should opt for, the fare of those mediums, etc. Look for the timings of check-in and check-out from the hotel, hostel, homestays, etc. Also, look for the weather conditions; for example, if you plan to go to the mountains in July or August, you might want to postpone as the Monsoon is not a favourable time to visit hill stations. Search about the food availability in the chosen destinations.

Plan Your Budget

Before going on any trip, the main thing you should do is to plan your budget carefully. You must not go on a money-spending spree and spend every penny on unnecessary things. While making a budget, keep in mind that your money is hard-earned and should not be spent in a wasteful way. Make a list of all possible expenses, such as accommodation, travel, activities, adventure, food, drink, souvenirs, and so on. After adding these costs and making a budget, do not forget to keep an emergency fund with you. Never keep all your money in one place; always put them in different places.

Only Pack Essentials

You should keep various things in mind when packing for your trip. Destination plays an essential role in this; for example, if you are going for a trek, you need to plan as lightly as possible. So, first and foremost, get a waterproof bag or suitcase. Start packing the essential clothes only and do not overpack. After packing the clothes, add a first-aid kit and your prescribed medicine if you are on medication. A battery power bank, mosquito repellent, a copy of your documents, a journal, a water bottle, and more should be adequately packed in your bag. Water filters are also necessary if you are trekking or hiking. Packing is essential and should not be taken lightly. Packing less than you think you require would not be a regrettable decision. However, sometimes one tends to get carried away and overpack. In this scenario it would be better to make use of luggage storage near the grand central terminal and drop heavy bags and carry only essentials for that intercity trip. This transit spot can prove to be helpful when picking them up later.

Do not Limit Yourself

When travelling, always try to have an open mind. When researching the place, we generally read the most-visited tourist places, not the offbeat places. So, when visiting any destination, ask the local people to direct you towards any destination, ask them about the local food outlets; do not just rely on expensive restaurants and cafes; ask the locals about the cultural significance and try to learn about the history of the place. Visiting any destination requires you to have a piece of complete knowledge of the site. Yeah, you can read about this stuff on the internet, but listening to them from a local person would surely make your experience worth remembering. But, do not forget to research the scams that some locals usually make to take advantage of tourists.

Travelling in a group indeed gives you a fun and memorable trip, but travelling solo will open your mind in ways you might not have imagined yet. Keep the tips and advice mentioned above in mind while going solo for the first time. If any of your known ones are going on a trip, do not forget to send gifts to Chennai or anywhere they are staying to make them feel at home. Encourage your peers to have a trip soon with you or go solo to explore and have unforgettable experiences for life. Happy Journey!

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