The Various Types of Weed Pipes

Weed pipes have been around for centuries. Off late the different types have become popular among the stoner community due to the sheer variety available. In this article, we will cover all the types of weed pipes we have today.

These are perhaps the easiest way to enjoy any herb. Earlier pipes to smoke weed were made of wood, bamboo, stone, or reed. Today we have pipes made from several durable materials. These come in various shapes, sizes and materials.

What is a Weed Pipe?

A weed pipe is used to smoke grounded cannabis. All weed pipes filter the smoke before reaching the mouth of a user. The chamber and the mouthpiece of a pipe filters the smoke. In fact, these pipes are considered to be less messy than rolling a joint. That is why these are becoming more popular among stoners. But not every pipe is the same. Several factors determine and differentiate one pipe from the other. The most important factor is the material of the pipe.

Why is the Material of the Weed Pipe so Important?

Material is the most important factor when it comes to a weed pipe. Since there are tons of options out there it all comes down to the material. The substance with which a pipe is made affects the aroma and flavor of the smoke. Some materials, although cheap, can tamper with the smoke flavor. Hence the need to know the pros and cons of various types.

Different Types of Weed Pipes

As mentioned earlier, several different and new types of pipes are available to choose from. In this section, we will elaborate on several different types of weed pipes.

Glass pipes– are quite popular among the stoner community for several reasons. Glass as a material is heat resistant so you do not have to worry about burning your fingers. Secondly, they come in unimaginable designs and styles. Glass pipes are examples of amazing artwork. Most importantly, glass doesn’t tamper with the flavor of the herb. So, you do not have to worry about experiencing a bad or different taste in your mouth. You get the most out of the herb. The biggest disadvantage is that glass pipes are extremely fragile. They can break easily if dropped. Nonetheless, they are worth every penny.

  1. Wood pipes– wood is perhaps the oldest material used to make pipes. Mainly used to smoke tobacco, wood pipes are more durable. They do add a bit of flavor to the herb but that depends on the type of wood used to manufacture a pipe. The biggest disadvantage is that wood pipes are difficult to clean. So, if you are too particular about the flavor you receive you may have a hard time cleaning the pipe.
  2. Metal pipes– if durability is your main criterion, then metal pipes are the best. They are durable, cheap, and easy to clean. Very little residue builds up that can be cleaned easily by soaking the pipe in some alcohol. However, the biggest disadvantage is that metal pipes tamper with the flavor of the herb. You may feel a metallic taste in your mouth. Plus, metal heats up so there is the risk of burning your fingers.
  3. Freeze Cannabis pipes– have the chamber filled with glycerin. It helps cool down the smoke before it reaches your lungs, thereby providing a cleaner and cooler smoke. Plus, the smoke is not too harsh on the lungs. The only pre-requisite is for you to freeze the pipe for a while before you plan on using it. With this pipe, you are guaranteed the coolest smoking experience ever.
  4. Silicone pipes– are cheap, durable, and easy to clean. Plus, they can tolerate heat, so you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers. This material is being extensively used to manufacture a weed pipe. The only drawback is that it tampers with the flavor of the herb.
  5. Chillum or one-hitters – are perfect for those who like to take a puff or two before heading out or don’t like the idea of getting too stoned. These are made with different materials like glass or metal and come in various designs.
  6. Spoon pipes– are usually made with glass and resemble the shape of a spoon, hence the name. These are aesthetically appealing and are made with a durable type of glass. So, you don’t have to worry about breaking them. Plus, these are portable.
  7. Bongs or water pipes– are large and work on the principle of water filtration. The percolator and the glass neck filter the smoke before reaching your mouth. These are perfect if you enjoy a longer and more intense sesh. The only drawback is that they are cumbersome to carry around and are best used indoors.
  8. Bubblers– are the mini version of a bong. They work similarly to a bong. These are portable and can be easily used outdoors. The only disadvantage is that it can become a tad bit difficult to clean out the residue from the corners of the pipe.
  9. Dab rigs– are usually used by seasoned stoners. It is mainly used to smoke concentrates like wax that you do not need to grind. Hence, if you are a beginner you may end up feeling too stoned.
  10. Foldable pipes– are used and packed away into a smaller size once done. They are easy to clean and lightweight. Made with a variety of materials, these come in several colors and sizes.
  11. Stealth pipes– come in shapes of everyday items like spark plugs, chewing gums, highlighters, bracelets, etc. The idea behind these awesome looking pipes is that onlookers would never know you are carrying a weed pipe.
  12. Steamroller pipes– are handheld dry bongs that are long and cylindrical. They have a bowl on top and both sides of the cylinder are open. These are perfect for those who enjoy intense and massive hits.
  13. Sherlock style pipes– are in the classic U-shape. They can be used for smoking concentrates as well as tobacco. What’s more? They come in beautiful and colorful designs.
  14. Glass Blunts- are cylindrical in shape. Made with glass, it’s one end is open, and the other end has the mouthpiece. They are portable enough to be carried around and used easily when you need a quick one on the go.

Concluding words

So, this was our list of different types of weed pipes. Yes, the list is a long one, and choosing one can be an overwhelming process. So, do some further research before you decide to buy one. Each weed pipe has something unique to offer. Select one that suits your personality and fulfills your purpose.

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