Should You Experiment with Psychedelic Mushroom Recipes?

You can try to make many psychedelic mushroom recipes, even without being an expert cook. You don’t have to use particular tools or have knowledge of the culinary arts. Cooking with magic mushrooms is simple.

Mushrooms are known for inducing hallucinations that are out of this world. It can have a relaxing effect or sometimes an eye-opening experience. But, with the help of recent studies, shrooms are a beneficial key to helping patients with mental disorders.

With that said, you know you’ll enjoy a good tripping experience that will help you feel better. So, it’s time to search for psychedelic mushroom brownie recipes or more to enjoy with your friends and family.

Why Cook with Magic Mushroom?

Shrooms are not as tasty as you can imagine, but some people can tolerate them. If you like an earthy and bitter taste, you can eat them without cooking. In addition, it has an unpleasant texture – chewy, fibrous, and spongy- making it difficult to enjoy.

Most psychonauts like to take shrooms directly because they believe that heat and other factors can affect the level of psilocybin and psilocin. They don’t want the active ingredient to diminish so they can enjoy the hallucinogenic effects.

What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is one of the ingredients in psilocybe mushrooms. It is responsible for providing euphoric effects. However, psilocybin is not the ultimate compound that causes hallucinations. It has to break down to psilocin.

Psilocin is an unstable active ingredient. Once a mushroom is exposed to heat or other factors, it disintegrates. Fortunately, psilocybin will take its place. When ingested, it will convert to psilocin in the liver.

Once it turns to psilocin, it will enter the blood-brain barrier. It then starts attaching to serotonin receptors and effectively mimics the neurotransmitter serotonin.

In addition, it also affects the so-called Default-Mode Network (DMN). It is not a physical area of the brain, but scientists believe it’s where activities like daydreaming, overthinking, etc., occur.

Psilocin will lower the activity of DMN. When this happens, the person will make decisions without worrying or thinking twice. It’s also associated with depression, so by shutting down the DMN activity, people are less likely to overthink or have anxiety and depressive symptoms.

However, most regular mushroom users are not concerned about the medical effects of mushrooms. They are worried that cooking can lower the potency. So, does heat affect magic mushrooms’ effects?

Can I Cook My Shrooms?

Cooking with magic mushroom is possible. However, there are different ways to prepare them to taste better. Experts have said that the potency of the mushrooms might be changed, but not as much as some people say because there is no hard evidence.

If you don’t want your mushroom’s potency affected, don’t exceed a temperature above 200°C. In addition, there are other ways to enjoy eating shrooms without applying heat, like delicious and healthy psychedelic mushroom smoothie recipes.

Some recipes will require you to add some heat, like tea. But it’s not capable of exceeding the temperature limit.

The authors of the Psilocybin Mushroom Bible and Psilocybin Chef Cookbook, Virginia Haze and Dr. K. Mandrake, have been cooking shrooms for a long time. Their book has multiple recipes ranging from no-heat food to creamy pasta. They even have vegan recipe options.

Pros and Cons of Cooking Shrooms

Surprisingly, potency is one of the significant disadvantages of using magic mushrooms in cuisine. As was already said, utilizing heat and consuming food simultaneously as your mushrooms may lessen their efficacy. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a terrible thing.

Some people report that the mushroom’s efficacy becomes mild and that they don’t get the effect they desire. However, before jumping to a conclusion, they must consider why potency is affected.

Cooking mushrooms is not the only reason the potency is affected. The effects of shrooms depend on the dosage, the type of mushroom, a person’s metabolism, etc.

However, if you still don’t believe it, you can eat raw shrooms. So as long as you can take the taste and texture of it.

For those who cannot tolerate the taste of mushrooms, it helps if you cook them or make them more palatable. After all, you want to enjoy your trip instead of having unnecessary negative emotions when taking shrooms.

There are many psychedelic mushroom brownie recipes online. You can also enjoy sweet treats like chocolates. In addition, there are recipes for tasty pizzas or cheesy sandwiches. You can become creative with your meals.

Preparation: Dosage and Mindset

The dosage is always a common concern for people who try mushrooms for the first time. Honestly, there is no universal guideline for dosing with shrooms.

The only way to determine what dose to choose depends on the user. You can select the quantity depending on your expertise, weight, mindset, metabolism, etc.

For beginners, starting low and slow is the best advice. Whether you plan to ingest shrooms as edible or raw, taking them in small amounts is essential to avoid a bad trip.

You can start as low as 1 to 2 grams per serving. If there is no effect after two hours, you can add more.

Aside from the dose, ensure that you have prepared yourself by conditioning your mind. By staying calm, relaxed, and being in a comfortable place, you can start to enjoy the effects.

It is also advisable to find a sober trip sitter to help guide you if the trip is heading another way. It’s even better and best to enjoy a delicious meal with your friends.

Can I Find Magic Mushroom Edibles Online?

Not interested in cooking or baking? Find it tedious to do the work? Worry no more! You can find ready-made and high-quality edibles online.

Zoomies Canada offers a wide selection of laboratory-tested food products with shrooms. You can try their chocolate bars or boost your energy with caffeinated drinks. Everything you want is in their shop.

Are Psychedelic Mushroom Recipes Worth It?

Psychedelic mushroom recipes are the best way to experiment with the taste of shrooms. It gives a more pleasing and fun experience. You can enjoy them with friends or family without holding back from their natural flavour.

Cooking shrooms may affect the potency, but it is not as bad as others claim it to be. They still induce hallucinations and changes in perception. Besides, there are plenty of recipes you can use without worrying about the potency of your mushroom.

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