Several great reasons to turn to powdered beverages

Drinks production is a huge industry in which massive sums are spent on advertising to try and attract loyal customers. The market is forever introducing new options trying to break through against the major brands, whether it be soft drinks, cordials, those rejuvenating energies or the alcohol sector aiming at adults.

One type of drink that is increasingly popular comes from the production of powdered beverages. Paul Stevens Hollis produced the first powdered drink in 1922 called Poly Pop. Since those days production has increased and technology improved as powdered drinks cater mainly for children, bodybuilders, athletes, dieters, or simply as a vitamin supplement.

Here are some of the advantages of powdered beverages

  • In a powdered form a drink is preserved for a far longer time giving it an extended shelf life. This makes stocking such beverages a cost-effective option with shops not left with out-of-date goods having failed to sell them by their relatively short, recommended sell by date. Nutrients in a powdered form have the bonus of degrading more slowly than those within a liquid
  • The drink has an easy preparing property of their instant structure, meaning that they are easy to dissolve and mix without any remaining residue and with a great taste.
  • The selection of powdered drinks is now wide ranging, so you are not missing out on a favourite or even something new that catches your fancy.
  • Many powdered drinks double up as health products which enhance your hydration or offer protein. They are widely used by sports teams and athletes for competitors to rehydrate and inject energy quickly, so that they are ready to perform to their peak in minimum time. Can the same be said of fizzy drinks?
  • It is easy to store powdered drinks as they regularly come in the small packet form. This makes them easy to sell in shops without taking up room that can be used for other items. They are easy to pack into small bags or with the kit when adding out to the sport or the gym without weighing hardly anything, whereas water-based drinks which can become heavy when carried around.
  • Transportation is another benefit of the small light packets of powdered beverages as again, they take up so little room, allowing logistical departments to fill their load with other products. If delivery is held up there is no problem of the drink getting too hot or becoming unfit for usage.
  • There is no danger of the potential spills of liquid drinks meaning an increase in hygiene. Perfect for when you head to the gym to work out.
  • You will get your drink at the exact temperature you require in an instant wherever you find yourself as it can be mixed with hot or ice-cold water without the wait of refrigeration.
  • There is less packaging waste with small sachets and packets that plastic or glass bottles, meaning that powdered drinks also do their bit for the environment.

Powdered are recommended to save carrying heavier alternatives around which lose their ideal temperature and feel the benefits from their convenience and quality.

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