Picking the Right Sandals for Each Occasion

No matter how fashion-forward you can become, summer means sandals season. Swapping the stuffy closed shoes for fun strappy sandals is a breath of fresh air for your feet. Whether you are a classic slides person or opt for the ones with support thongs, women’s sandals can be trusted on days when you are busy at the office or want a dressier casual outfit.

Being multipurpose shoes, sandals can no longer just be grabbed off a rack and worn. There are a few key features to pay attention to so that the sandals do their job for you while pristinely adorning your feet.

#1 Fits Like a Glove

When it comes to closed footwear, picking the shoe with a snug fit can be the right call. However, while choosing sandals, the exact fit might result in your heel spilling out of the sandals. As much as your feet hanging out is undesirable, having an overly large sole that clicks with each step you take is even more annoying.

What you need is a pair of sandals that accommodates your feet without any peeking heels or added pressure on your joints from walking in shoes too large. In case you have conditions where your feet swell during hotter weather, invest in sandals that have some wiggle room.

#2 Arch Support

Picking shoes is not only about finding the best styles and crazy colours. While choosing footwear, you need to make sure that they are designed in a way to support your feet and prevent pain or damage. Sandals are infamous for lacking in the ergonomic design department.

If the arch support of your favourite sandals is not properly installed, a day of walking around in them can cause stiffness and strain in your joints. When the arch muscles don’t receive the necessary support from shoes, they practically get wrecked with time.

#3 What’s the occasion?

Before you grab a pair of sandals from your collection and dash out the door, take a moment and see if the pair is suitable. Does it complement your outfit? Will it call for unnecessary attention at your destination? Please give it some thought while you get ready before stepping out.

For instance, if you are meeting a potential client, slides in neutral colours can mean business with your semi-formal outfit, whereas you can pick something with embellished support thongs for women’s garden parties. The key is to determine the distinct style that fits any occasion and work with it.

#4 In for the Comfort

Sandals stand out during the summer because they are immensely comfortable in hot weather. So, picking uncomfortable sandals is somewhat ironic. Before you purchase a pair, make sure that it has flexible soles. Do not confuse the padding of the soles with its flexibility, and end up with a pair of shoes you cannot break into.

Perform a bending test at the store, carefully assess the amount of heel you want, and test the integrity of the straps before you make a purchase. Good sandals last a while, so choose carefully because you are in for the long haul.

Summing It Up

There are essential shoes that everyone has stocked up in their wardrobe, but nothing from this collection offers the same level of comfort as sandals. Be it thongs, slides, or gladiator-style straps, sandals are the ultimate summer shoes, and with the right styling, you can turn up to work in summer style.

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