Modern Techniques Applied on Hovsco Ebikes

The Hovsco ebikes dedicated and experienced team is relatively struggling day and night to create elegant and comfortable electric bikes by keeping the view of all groups of age. We are encouraged by our clients and also by the need of the market to design and create multiple electric bike options for commuting, mountain riding, for offices and also for groceries. The Hovsco keeping the view of electric bikes many advantages one of them is no license, no fuel price, no parking fee, sometimes no electric charging fee, no need of insurance policy and carbon-free environment. All Hovsco electric bike models:

  • HovAlpha
  • HovAlpha Step-Thru
  • HovBeta Step-Thru
  • HovRanger
  • HovRanger Step-Thru
  • HovCity Step-Thru Cruise

Are equipped with the latest technologies:

  • The fat tires in the electric bikes have a 7-speed freewheel which lets you go uphill with a large cog and a small cog for downshifting.
  • Some of the Hovsco ebikes low height, and help to store easily and assuredly usable for mount and dismounting.
  • All batteries are equipped with LED strip lights which help to ride in the night.
  • A removable and extended 48V 15Ah Samsung/LG battery that can be charged within 4-5 hours and maintain its health at 80% after 1000 charges
  • . The wider tires with a 27.5” * 2.35” dimension will prevent from thrones, pieces of glass and other small obstacles.
  • The powerful 750 watts Bafang motor allows you to ride at versatile speed.
  • 80Nm torque sensor and a high-speed brushless geared hub motor will allow overcoming the roughest terrains confidently.
  • These electric bikes are capable to support a weight of up to 300 lbs.

These are a few latest and most demanded features which make them the magnificent electric bikes ever in the market and also very near to becoming the number one choice of electric bikes enthusiasts.

Battery Precisions

The Hovsco ebikes have detachable, extended, reliable and long-lasting Samsung/LG Lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable by renewable energy. As renewable energy is not costly as other engines needed fuels and is also environmentally convenient. The other fact about Hovsco ebikes batteries are can be charged through other resources like solar power, wind energy, and hydraulic energy. The Hovsco also keep researching and testing to charge ebikes batteries while riding the bikes on pedal assist mode.

The Hovsco ebikes are characterized by different necessary parameters like total mass, moment of inertia in wheels, and different control strategies. The performance and environmental analysis of electric bikes cannot be measured by the prototype, these aspects are only possible when ebikes are fully well equipped with the latest and suitable technologies with full control of sustainability. Visit to experience the modern and latest innovation in ebikes at Hovsco ebikes and compare them with the old ones.

Reflectors or Indicators

These reflectors are of two types one is equipped with LED light inside it and the second one is simple and illuminated with light effects. Reflectors are useful while commuting at night with friends and loved ones. Indicators give an alert to beck coming vehicles.

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