Let’s talk about the most expensive trash bag 

As the fashion world continues to change based on different inspirations and targets. Balenciaga was inspired by your supermarket trash bags to create their very own ‘trash pouch’. Balenciaga received a huge buzz from their consumers, competitors and individuals on social media. Each new release from brands like Balenciaga is similar to eSports betting. One can continuously predict the brands next step and release. But, just like with eSports there will continue to be unexpected changes.  

Balenciaga’s trash pouch price is set at $1790 that looks exactly the same as the trash bags you can find at any supermarket. It was released as part of their Winter 2022 collection. However, we have known about this since March 2022, when Kim Kardashian received one during Paris Fashion Week and shocked us all on Instagram. 

Balenciaga had released their trash bag in protest of the increasing rates of climate change. But, couldn’t they have donated a sum to organizations that are focused on climate change. Or start producing their products more environmentally friendly. 

Perhaps Balenciaga is running a social experiment on their consumers. To show that indiivudals are no longer searching to purchase products based on their necessity. Or having liked a certain product. But, loyal customers of high end brands will almost buy any product that is released. Due to social expectations and their need to be viewed as unique. 

Another guess as to why would Balencaiga created a trash pouch is purely for marketing purposes. Other individuals would continue to speak about this on social media. There will be more conversations that would circulate about Balenciaga. Or this is some coy to be viewed as unique compared to their competitors. As being the only brand to have created a trash pouch. And to show off that they were able to profit off this product. 

Balenciaga’s director Demna Gavaalia was quoted that he wanted to create this trash pouch for the purpose of a fashion scandal. Now this is no surprise move from Balenciaga’s side. They have pulled a similar stunt in 2017. When they released a tote bag that costs $2,145; inspired by IKEA’s yellow bags. 

So is Balenciaga trying to grab more attention on social media? Or be riddiculued by their releases in hopes of a fashion scandal? 

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