Is Travel Insurance a Scam?

Some travel insurance policies are completely fraudulent. While some do pay out claims, they often do so with deceptive tactics. Travel insurers often get their policy sales from trusted sellers of excursions and trips, who make a hefty commission on every sale. These sellers have enormous incentive to market these policies, and consumers pay a premium for the protection they’re not receiving. However, you can avoid being ripped off by following these simple tips. If you visit this site EireTrip so you get to the best information.

First, make sure that you understand the difference between a travel insurance plan and health insurance. Travel insurance is meant to cover medical costs that can be extremely expensive while you’re abroad. Many plans cover only your immediate family members, not your neighbors, bosses, favorite pet, or baby-sitter. If you’re traveling with anyone other than family members, your claim may be rejected. Don’t be fooled by fancy marketing campaigns, as these companies may be trying to fleece you.

The fine print is critical. Make sure that the insurance company is legitimate. Check to see if the company is licensed to operate in your state. If they are, call them and ask for proof. You can also visit the NAIC website to find contact information for your state’s insurance commission. You should also ask about any exclusions and limitations that the policy may impose. A travel insurance policy should also cover planned activities and have emergency assistance.

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