How to turn animated SVG to video

We’re here to help you with an example of how to convert a SVG into an animated video. But first, let’s learn more about the format.

Animated SVG files follow a layout in a similar way to the way images are stored in HTML and CSS. You can then display them as static images or animated GIF files. They are made up of different layers and the objects you need to animate can be placed and arranged in a different layer. The content and style can be positioned in a different layer, too. For example, an animated SVG is placed in a different layer than the color layer.

The reason to use an animated SVG is the very simple fact that it’s actually a very fast way of displaying SVG content. It’s faster than using the Flash plugin and will display SVG images that have background-blur and flash property applied to them.

How do i edit an svg animation?

To edit your animation, you can use an SVG viewer or SVG animation tool that supports these properties you’ll be able to view the SVG content as if it were a normal image.

How do i make svg interactive?

The SVG format supports interaction, so you can use it to create interactive videos, maps and graphs. With a bit of web technology, you can turn a static image into an interactive vector graphic (SVG) file.

The animation itself will display in your browser when the webpage loads. You then can go to the browser’s toolbars and navigate the SVG document and change its content or its format.

A video player is a great example of how to make a vector graphic with interaction. A video player loads in a window and then loads a file you drag into the toolbars. In this case, the interaction is a drop-down list of video files you can choose from.

How do I animate SVG icons?

Use the same software you use for images or use the SVG library: Animated SVG icon library or Animated SVG icons for WordPress.

Export an SVG with all icons, shapes and animation already applied. The browser will recognize the background and display animated SVG in a similar way to a typical image.

Can I transform SVG animation to video?

Yes! You can use the SVG to Video convertor. It allows you to process the SVG data as if it were a video file. You can then play the resulting animation in a video player like Vimeo.


While the idea of SVG may not be new, the combination of it with web technologies has resulted in some incredible results. It’s fast, lightweight and works across different devices with a minimum of customization.

On top of that, it’s still young. It will take time for the format to gain widespread use. So, keep in mind that all of the above images are examples of the latest release of SVG.

There’s still work to do. And it’s even more amazing to see the SVG format grow in the past few years.

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