Do I Need Pet Insurance When Buying a Puppy?

0You may have already heard of pet insurance, but what exactly is it? Pet insurance is a way to pay for any medical expenses associated with your dog, including accidents. It’s not a bad idea to have coverage for your puppy. The policy will provide coverage up to eight months of age and even cover your older dog. This is useful for those of you who don’t have a lot of money to spare.

In addition to paying for the insurance policy up front, pet owners can also opt for lifetime deductibles. These annual deductibles are different from those of younger pets, so it’s important to shop around for the best deal. In most cases, a puppy insurance policy will be affordable, while an older pet insurance policy will probably be more expensive. However, keep in mind that older pets may have accumulated illnesses over time and will have to pay more in the future.

The cost of pet insurance can be very expensive, but you can find cheap policies if you look around. Several comparison sites can help you compare prices, although they don’t cover the whole market. Pet insurance can be purchased directly from the insurer or from retailers. There are some specialty insurance companies, such as Healthy Pets and Petplan. Many breeders will offer insurance at no extra cost to new owners for the first four or five weeks.

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