Discovering Cox Phone: Best Phone Calling Packages for Quarantine Chatting

With lockdown around the globe due to coronavirus outbreak, it has become more than necessary to reclaim sanity with some quarantine chatting. Due to coronavirus debacle, many of us have realized the importance of human interaction that we once took for granted. Also, this whole situation has made us realize how dependent we are on one another and therefore how important it is to maintain a cordial relationships. Therefore, we have underlined one of the common sources to keep yourself connected with your friends and family amid lockdown, and even after that.

Whether you are a friend that is practicing social distancing and not being able to hang out with the gang. On the other hand,if you are a grandparent wishing to get in touch with your grandchildren that can’t visit you due to lockdown, you are finding ways to eliminate these distances.

Well, the prime thing that we have to be thankful these days that we are part of a pandemic that took place in a digitized era. Everything that once seemed impossible now has its technological substitute. This digital era has ensured that even if we are bound to practice social distancing and continue our lives in lockdown we still have an alternative to stay connected.

One such example of the modern-day communication source is a Cox phone. Cox’s phone, production of Cox communications, is one the easiest source to keep yourself connected with your loved ones. In such times when a number of businesses are bringing changes to their modules concerning the deteriorating economic conditions, Cox Communication has managed to serve its customers with the same old affordable packages. Apart from customizable and pocket-friendly internet packages, Cox Communications has Cox phone packages that ensure nationwide calling at affordable rates.

Why should you Choose Cox Phone? – Digital Phone Features

Since we have plenty of time on our hands there is nothing better than spending it on your loved ones. And since the internet spark has made video calls a struggle and the old-school network calling makes the phone calls fuzzy, Cox’s phone delights you with the suitable combo; the digital phone service.

The Cox phone is one of the trusted communication networks that are busy keeping people in the United States closed to their loved ones. The digital phone service not only provides crystal clear HD calling with Cox’s voice but some of its key features make it the number 1 choice for seamless communication.

Here are some for the amazing Cox features for your guidance:

Busy Line Redial Feature

Not only are people busy streaming and browsing on the internet, they are also busy keeping their communication intact with important people in their lives. In such a situation, most of the time the number you are trying to connect will certainly be busy. However, you do not need to keep on redialing their number just to know when the network is free so that you have your talk. Cox’s phone’s busy line redial features notify you when the number you are trying to reach is free. This notification helps you connect to the person immediately once you receive the notification on your cox phone.

Long Distance Alert

Amid the lockdown, people are likely to engage with long-distance communication. Surrounded by vulnerability and emotional distress with their loved ones living far away, people often forget the distance of the caller’s location. At such time, the cox phone’s long-distance alert feature notifies you of long-distance calls by using a distinctive ring.

Three-Way Calling

Are you feeling low because you cannot have a pure gossip session with your friends since you all cannot hang out together? Well, cox phone’s three-way calling features creates a union we all asked for.

Now you can collect two of your friends, pour a glass of wine, and empty a chips packet in the plate to have your own quarantine gossip session.

Another good thing about this feature is that parents that are living away from their children can connect them together through this feature and enjoy a family reunion.

These were just some of the features of the digital phone service by cox communication. You can enable these features by activating the code provided for each feature. The good thing is that you do not need to go out of your way to call the cox customer service to deactivate the feature because a code for deactivating the feature is provided as well. You can check the codes by simply visiting the Cox website.


Since the coronavirus outbreak, people are finding new ways to keep their connection stable with their loved ones. Cox’s phone is one such way to ensure no difficulty arises in achieving smooth communication during quarantine.


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