Custom Award Ideas Your Employees Will Appreciate

As today’s business world grows more competitive, it is vital that your business not only has excellent employees but also takes time to give them awards to show them how much their efforts are appreciated. If you want something new and unique to give your employees when it comes to awards, here are some great ideas they are sure to love.

Clocks and Picture Frames

When giving your employees awards, it is always great if you can give them an award that not only expresses your appreciation but is also something that can be a very functional item they will use over and over. In many companies, clocks and picture frames are becoming very popular awards to give employees.

Available in many different styles, you can give either of these items and feature your company logo, along with, of course, the employee’s name and the title of their award. Once they place the clock or picture frame on their desk, they will always be reminded of just how much you appreciate their hard work.

Paperweights and Business Card Holders

While clocks and picture frames are great examples of customized employee awards, so too are such useful items as paperweights and business card holders. These custom awards are also popular because they can be made from acrylic, cast metal, or even crystal, giving you plenty of options for the best look. Able to be made quickly, and they can even incorporate many different colors and even sample artwork you choose to supply.

Before you know it, you can have unique paperweights and business card holders to give out at your next award banquet. Whether your employees are using their paperweights to keep important documents in place on their desks or reaching for their business card holder when meeting with an important client, either of these options is a great idea.

Lapel Pins

If you want to give your employees a customized award they can wear not only to work but anywhere else they choose, you may want to consider giving them lapel pins. Stylish, these items will not only let your employees show the world the award they received for their outstanding efforts but also be a great way to showcase your company to plenty of other people as well.

By wearing their lapel pin to numerous types of social functions, your employees will become walking advertisements for your company. Once others see the innovative awards you give your employees, it may not be long until you have plenty of other individuals wanting to join your company.


Items that are always extremely useful, coasters can be customized awards your employees could keep around in their office or use at their homes. Just like paperweights and business card holders, your coasters can be created using many types of vibrant colors and designs. Once your hard-working employees get their customized coasters, they will be more than ready to throw an office party for their coworkers or use them at a cookout with family and friends. Either way, it’s a sure thing your company’s coasters will be the topic of many conversations.

Customized Medals

Even if your employees have not participated in the Olympics, they can still find themselves wearing customized medals that resemble the gold, silver, and bronze ones given to Olympic champions. If you really want to make a statement at your next award ceremony, give out medals and make the ceremony as similar as possible to those at the Olympics or other similar competitions. As your employees stand on a podium and have you place a beautiful customized medal around their neck, there is no doubt this will go far in making sure you have employees who will be loyal to your company for many years.

Just as there are many types of awards you can give your employees, there are various types of customized items from which you can choose. By putting some thought into the type of award being given, the employee who will receive the award, and the setting in which the award will be handed out, you can choose a customized award that will not only show your appreciation but also build employee morale and loyalty.

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