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kissable lips

Red lips like surreals are old-fashioned values. Angelina Jolie’s sexy lips are loved by both women and men. It’s also a popular lip liner right now. But the most important thing is the lips that suit our face and are unique. Making a thin mouth to make the face a little higher. Or make lips that are too thick to look thin, cute and kissable, need to have surgery ศัลยกรรม next.

how to make thin lips plump

The substance that is injected into thin lips to make them plump is a filler. This method does not need to cut the skin or add anything. Just inject the filler into the lips. It instantly makes the lips look the way they want.

lip filler injection It is important to design the shape and thickness of the lips to match the face. When viewed from the side The lower lip is thicker than the upper lip. and the lower lip will be in line with the tip of the nose and chin. Should be injected to make the upper lip flatter by 1-2 millimeters.

lovely plump lips

  1. Apply a lip base to cover the original lip color.
  2. Apply red or pink lipstick in the middle of the lips, then use your fingers to spread the color all over.
  3. Apply lip gloss once more to make your lips look fuller.
  4. Lips look plump, cute.

Lips makeup! attract young people

1. ORANGE clear girl style

The style of women that men like the most is the youth style! Young women bring pure love to arouse a man’s desire to protect. And women who awaken the protective instincts of men tend to smile a little and are kissable. You have to use light makeup to reveal clear skin like no makeup. The best lipstick is orange. If you apply bright orange blush as well, it will make your face look fresh.

The perfect lipstick for a clear style is a soft orange color for a natural look. and layered over with nude lip gloss to add moisture.

2. PINK, a cute girl’s style

Pink is the color that is typical of cute women. Just talk loudly and kiss on the cheek plus one more time. That’s enough to make men fall in love. If you want to have cute lips that attract a man’s heart must choose pink And upgrade it to the next level with mascara swipe. and use a white eyeliner pencil to line the lower lash line around the inner corner of the eye to make it look both cute and bright If you want plump, cute, charming lips, you should choose a strawberry-flavored lipstick. But if you want a more natural color May choose a slightly lighter pink lipstick. Matte texture will help the lipstick last longer.

3. Sometimes I want to look sexy

Sometimes you guys want your girlfriend to look sexy and seductive. If you are normally a clear girl Try changing into sexy clothes and seductive makeup. Your boyfriend will surely be fascinated by his irresistible charm. Indispensable things in sexy makeup are red lipstick and smokey eye makeup. to deepen the eyes Add chic with bright red lipstick. When you put on a smokey eye, you need to apply blush on your cheeks as well, then apply some shade to create dimension to your face.

Applying lipstick on the edge of the lips so that it doesn’t leak out will help drive the skin to look better. so You must Use a pencil to write like your mouth first. Even though wearing a dark red lipstick and a neat, sexy look. But it can make you look older as well. so be careful

Just one millimeter of lip change can make the whole face look different. A beautiful and wide smile is what defines a person’s image. If the mouth is too thin, it will make you look cold. But if the mouth is too thick, it will make it look tough. If the corner of the mouth falls or There are wrinkles on the lips that will make them look old.

The ideal upper and lower lip thickness is a ratio of 2:3. Lips must be clearly serrated in the shape of an arcuate mouth. Lips like these are the most attractive. The corners of both mouths are located in the center of both eyes. or is a straight line from the middle of the pupil

But if the lips are not balanced with the overall face too thin or too thick It may make us look evil or unwise. but can add volume and adjust the shape of the mouth to make the face look younger and brighter

Make your lips thicker and thinner! amputation

Thick lips make them look charming. But if it’s too thick, it can become a weak point. Because thick lips will make the mouth look protruding. or don’t look smart

When it comes to lip surgery We often think of thickening the lips. But if you want to make Thin lips?

First of all, consult a specialist surgeon. Because it may not be because of thick lips alone. But protruding lips can make them look thick. After analyzing it, we choose the surgery method that is suitable for your mouth shape. If there is a problem with the teeth or root joints Must have orthodontic treatment or root joint correction first. This will help the results of the surgery to be more satisfactory.

If the cause is caused by thick lips alone Can be corrected with a simple surgery, the incision will be on the inside of the lip. therefore not visible from outside Then remove the lip epithelium and the submucosal epithelium. Including having to remove a certain amount of muscles as necessary and then sew the wound inside. It only takes 30 minutes to solve the inferiority of a thick mouth.

The lip epithelium is highly flexible. The groove of the mouth or the skin under the chin will not be pulled up. and the surgical wound will be inside So you don’t have to worry about seeing scars.

However, the lip epithelium is sensitive to stimuli. After surgery, there may be swelling that can make your lips look bigger. But don’t worry too much. When the swelling is gone Lips will become thinner and the overall appearance will be improved naturally without any obvious plastic surgery.

Keep your lips moisturized.

Lips have a thin cuticle. There are no sweat glands and sebaceous glands. so it is easy to dry when the temperature is lower. The secretion of hormones necessary to maintain skin elasticity is not normal. resulting in chapped lips Or if the body lacks vitamins, it can cause dry, chapped lips as well. The skin of the lips and mouth is as delicate as the skin around the eyes. Therefore, apply lip balm and nourishing cream as well as apply eye cream around the eyes. When removing makeup from your lips, always use lip products. The color ingredients in the lipstick that are left on the lips are the cause of wrinkles. When your lips are chapped and peeling, a honey mask is a great way to nourish your lips. Use a cotton pad moistened with toner or water to paste over it. When the skin is enlarged because of the water, gradually use a soft sponge or puff to scrub off gently, apply honey on the lips and cover with plastic wrap for 5 minutes.

  1. Use a cotton ball moistened with milk until soaked. put on lips to soften the deteriorating cells
  2. Use a cotton swab to remove the deteriorated cells.
  3. Apply a lip treatment that contains honey.
  4. Clean and moisturized lips

What is lip surgery?

Lip enlargement (thin mouth)

filler injection

Filler injections are a hassle-free method. But if injecting too much will cause the skin on the lips to be thin. because the filler pushes out or if injecting too little, it will not be evenly distributed Filler injections must therefore be performed by a specialist surgeon.

fat injection

Suck the excess fat from your belly or thighs and inject it into your lips, don’t worry about side effects or your body’s resistance. Plus, the result looks natural too.

Lip cutting (thick mouth)

In some cases, thick lips are caused by protruding tooth sockets. make your mouth look big must be examined by a specialist surgeon to determine the correct surgical guidelines

cut out tissue

– Excision of tissue beneath the epithelium and oral mucosa and remove some unnecessary muscle layers The wound was then sutured inward.

– The lip epithelium is very flexible. So you don’t have to worry that the skin around the mouth or under the chin will be pulled up.

– The wound is located inside the mouth. So you don’t have to worry about scars.

– The labial epithelium is sensitive to stimuli. Therefore, swelling may occur after surgery.

cut the edge of the mouth

sew inside

This method is suitable for people with clear lip margins, nasolabial folds, or short chin and do not want to see the surgical incision.

sew on top

This method is suitable for people with indistinct lip margins, crooked lips, or a long groove on the lips or chin. by cutting the wound on the edge of the mouth Between the surface of the mouth and the red flesh of the lips

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