8 Best Flower Arranging Tips

Flowers have long been a topic of art and literature. Their superb reputation is well-deserved, with their sumptuous blossoms and lovely greens.

Flowers have historically carried significant meaning for society. Some are painted on canvases, while others are passed down from generation to generation. Flowers are now utilized to decorate houses and give details to people’s lives and centre events.

We’ll look at the most accessible approach to appreciating flowers for yourself: the art of flower arrangement.

We believe you can arrange flowers like a professional and create a magnificent show. So, here are the top eight flower arrangement suggestions for you.

Decide on a flower arrangement design

Before you go flower shopping, think of a colour plan for your arrangement. So, if you decide to buy flowers in The Flower Merchant, you know you’re getting complementary hues.

Monochromatic schemes that highlight the many shades of the same colour may be eye-catching. Try complementing hues that will stand out against each other for another eye-catching floral arrangement.

While you might be systematic with your colour palette, there is no possibility of going wrong with the floral combination. So, choose your favourites with varied patterns, and see how you can combine them.

Flowers should always be trimmed at an angle

Trim the stems to the appropriate length and cut the ends at an angle. It ensures that there is an area for water absorption. The stems do not rest flat against the bottom of the vase, preventing water from soaking.

Place it in the water soon after trimming. When certain stems are exposed to air, they quickly create a scab over fresh wounds, making it difficult for them to absorb the water. Some stems do not do this, but it’s good to put all flowers immediately after cutting them.

Get rid of any greenery that will be below the water’s surface

Generally, you can peel stems with your hands, but you may need to use scissors or flower pruners on occasion. It’s critical to keep leaves out of the water since it promotes bacteria development, which causes your flowers to perish faster.

If you are unsure of your floral designs, you can ask professionals from The Flower Merchant for guidance in the flower arrangement.

Use a clean and fresh water

If you use the same vase for fresh flowers, wash it between bouquets. Bacteria from the deterioration of your previous arrangement might persist, causing your fresh flowers to expire faster than they would otherwise.

Clean water will keep your plants and flowers fresh for a more extended period. You can remove the flowers from the vase every two or three days, clean it thoroughly, and refill it with fresh water.

Create a base with greens

Starting with foliage as a starting point is the best technique to arrange flowers—greenery options like eucalyptus. Create an inverted triangle form using the greenery stalks.

It ensures that your layout has a horizontal and vertical presence. Also, recut the stems before placing them in the vase. Whatever your expectations are, The Flower Merchant will always fulfil them with expertise, reasonable rates, and fresh flowers appropriate to any situation.

Include focal flowers in your flower arrangement

The focal flowers give distinctive colour or texture to the flower arrangement. Ensure to use odd numbers for a more natural rather than symmetrical appearance. Don’t put the flowers so far out on the sides that they appear saggy and heavy rather than solid and cheerful.

Placing the vase on a lazy Susan allows you to see all sides of the flower vase without moving the vase every time.

Filler flowers should be added in your design

Fill the arrangement with smaller flowers and textured pieces to fill in around the primary blooms. Again, don’t arrange all of the supplementary flowers vertically or to the sides.

Consider the form of the arrangement to be a dome, and you must fill in all angles to look complete.

Finish with floaters or delicate blossoms like baby’s breath and place them last to avoid being squashed or hidden by larger flowers. The Flower Merchant in Melbourne has the best flower arrangement if you need any inspiration.

Regularly replace the water in the vase

This simple action can significantly extend the life of your flowers. You are physically eradicating germs when you replace the water.

It may be difficult to remove your stems from the vase to change the water, entirely depending on your flower arrangement. In this instance, simply replace your flower arrangement with new water regularly.

Designing a beautiful flower arrangement can be fun, easy, and exciting! To keep improving your styling skills, follow these flower arranging tips. If you are still doubting your flower arranging skills, don’t hesitate to seek help from the best florist in Melbourne—The Flower Merchant.

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