7 Pandora Jewelry Style Tips You Need To Know

Are you wondering how should you choose and style your jewelry to complement your wardrobe perfectly? You must be thinking about how I can make the best use of my jewelry collection without being bored with the same wearing scheme.

There are plenty of ways to mix and match your jewelry. You have got to make wise decisions while dressing up to know what works best with what.

Here we have got 7 awesome style tips for you to help you craft a flawless appearance for any occasion.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Layer Up Or Stack Your Bracelets And Necklaces

Stack-up rings or bracelets help you make a unique fashion statement every time.  Stacking also gives you more room to experiment with jewelry pieces that you have already got. You just have to be conscious about which rings or bracelets look well together when stacked up.

2. Experiment With A Mix Of Metals

Back in the day, mixing metals was not favored by stylists. However, these days mixing metals makes an excellent style statement. You see lots of style icons wearing a mix of metals these days. So, go with it and follow this new trend.

3. Choose A Statement Jewelry Piece That Is In Contrast With Your Outfit

Statement jewelry pieces like chunky necklaces or bracelets never go out of style. With a simple outfit, a beautiful statement jewelry piece looks mesmerizing. So, don’t be afraid of that loud flashy piece of jewelry you have. Flaunt it with a simple outfit and you will look super stylish.

4. Aim For An Effortless Style

For casual appearances, the most stylish people always try to look effortless. There is no need to obsess over matching. You can look great wearing whatever you feel like for the day. Effortless style is beautiful.

5. Decide A Focus Point Of Your Overall Outfit

For your accessories to go well together, you need to know which part of your outfit is more flattering. Focus on it and try to compliment it with jewelry. If you are wearing a beautiful scarf or boots, just choose a focus point for your outfit and accessorize regard to that for a stylish look.

6. Know When To Stop

It’s easy to get carried away while accessorizing for an occasion.  Know when to stop and don’t go overboard with anything. Sometimes over accessorizing can ruin a perfectly beautiful outfit.

7. Minimal Is Beautiful

Mixing and stacking feel great often but some days you should just focus on being minimalistic. Minimal style is always the best while we get tired of flashy things. Accessorize lightly, especially for those hot summer days. Go for a chic minimalistic look as you can never go wrong with it.


Styling jewelry is not just for famous celebrities. We can all learn what looks stylish on us. You mostly learn this skill by experimenting and trying out new things. Find Pandora charms sale and get lots of amazing and stylish jewelry at the DoraShop online store.

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