5 Simple Tips to Keep Cleaning Tools in Good Condition

Keeping our house clean is a priority for many of us, especially ladies. But not many of us prioritize cleaning the cleaning tools after use. Yet, keeping cleaning tools clean and hygienic is equally important as keeping our surroundings clean. This is because leaving them dirty fosters the growth of bacteria and spoils the equipment, leading to serious health problems. This blog will help you learn simple tips to clean your tools and keep your surroundings healthy.

  • Change Screens and Floor Pads

The floor pad of cleaning equipment like polishers and sweepers tends to deteriorate with each use. Hence, it is crucial that we check them regularly to change them as and when required. This will help us get the most promising results once done with the cleaning. Remember, nothing is more annoying than spending your valuable time cleaning without getting the intended results.

  • Clear Mops and Buckets after Use

Refrain from leaving mops in dirty water once you have cleaned the required space. This can foster the growth of many harmful organisms. Therefore, dry it properly before storing it for subsequent use. Moreover, rinsing this mop in a bucket of warm water will help you clean the leftover dirt or soap. This will help you curtail the growth of mildew and bacteria. Clean their hose after use, and clear off the hairs/ fibers stuck to their bristles. Once that is done, wipe it with a cloth dipped in a mild detergent.

  • Go For Mild Detergent to Clean Dusters

Keeping a dirty duster at home or in your workspace is another unhealthy habit you should stop immediately. This is an essential source from which microparticles spread. In such cases, using a washable duster is the best solution. However, do not forget to clean it with a mild detergent and dry it before the subsequent use.

  • Follow a Strict Schedule to Service and Repair The Tools

Maintaining a schedule to repair and service your cleaning tools is the best thing to do if you are someone who needs a constant reminder to do something. Regular maintenance of heavy-duty equipment will also help you make minor repairs on time and understand if your cleaning equipment is becoming less effective.

  • Replace Vacuum Filters Regularly and Clean The Vacuum

Cleaning dust is one of our most common chores on the weekend. And vacuum cleaner is one of our favorite tools to do it. As vacuum cleaners are one of the most common cleaning equipment found in many of our homes, it is best to change the vacuum filter every quarter. Weekly cleaning of vacuum cleaners is another thing you can/ should do.

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