5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase An Adjustable Bed Frame (At All Ages)

Many people associate an adjustable bed with hospital beds or grandparent’s bedrooms. An adjustable foundation may be the best choice you make for bedding.

Why? Because adjustable bed frames can enhance your lifestyle just as much as they can improve your sleep position. You can sit down in your bed and watch TV, or use your laptop to type. You can eat your favorite snacks while you sleep. Are you tired of your partner snoring at night? An adjustable bed is your friend (literally).

These are the top 5 reasons to invest in the most popular sleep accessory on the market.

These Sheets Can Be Used With Any Modern Mattress

Some people believe that adjustable bases are only for thin, all-foam mattresses. However, adjustable bases can be used with almost any latex, memory, and innerspring foam top rated mattress. While it is always a good idea for you to verify that the mattress you choose works with an adjustable foundation, most mattresses that can be packed into boxes for shipping will fit well with the correct adjustable foundation. The good news is that adjustable bases can be used with almost any type of bed frame.

They Can Reduce Back Pain

Adjustable bases allow you to adjust your position. This helps keep your spine aligned, reduces pressure on your hips and lower back, and allows you to customize your posture. If you have lower back pain, an adjustable base with support under your knees can help reduce pressure and relieve morning aches. A dual motor adjustable base for head and foot adjustment will allow you to elevate your feet slightly above your heart during sleep, which can help improve blood flow.

They Reduce Snoring, Sleep Apnea, And Snoring

Snoring can be caused by air getting trapped between your nose or mouth and your lungs. The tissue vibrates when there is a blockage, which can cause a less soothing sound. Gravity and the weight of your neck create blockages, especially when you lie down. Adjusting the base to raise your head can help relieve some pressure and open your airways more effectively. An adjustable base is also useful if you suffer from obstructive or persistent sleep apnea. You can check adjustable bed reviews online.

They Improve Digestion

It’s not a good idea for anyone to lie down or go to sleep right after eating. However, there are chances that you have done it. It makes it more difficult for your body and acid reflux easier to digest foods if you lie flat. For those with chronic acid reflux, raising your head six inches will improve your digestion. While pillows can be helpful, they don’t provide enough support for your shoulders and upper back. This could lead to misalignment. Adjustable frames can reduce acid reflux issues without causing poor alignment or support.

They May Reduce Swelling

You might be on your feet all day and then come home with sore feet or lower legs. A sprain, strain, or injury could be the cause. You may have poor circulation due to a condition such as varicose veins. Although elevating your feet and legs can reduce swelling, if the constant adjustments are made to a pillow or a cushion, it can prove cumbersome, especially if you need to sleep well. A base that can be adjusted allows you to maintain an even elevation throughout the night. This provides some relief.

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