5 Integral Factors to Consider Before Buying Sunglasses

A great pair of sunglasses has recently become an essential eye accessory. And there are exclusive sunglasses for men and women in different designs and colours as well. Apart from the aesthetical features, it also provides various benefits making it an indispensable need.

Some primary benefits are its protection against UV rays, conservation of the eyes as it heals, better vision, and enrichment of your outfit. So to obtain all these advantages, there are certain factors you should be watchful of. Hence, read further to know about those factors.

1. UV Protection

The ultimate aim behind owning a sunglass is to protect the eyes. And to perform this aspect rightly, a sunglass must be UV protection enabled. Do not be carried away with the price and colour when you check for it; a quality sunglass with the capacity to block the UV rays does not depend on the cost or the dark colour. Check the tag and confirm the UV absorption capacity, and it is also essential for you to understand the UV immersion capacity for the sunglasses improves when the chemicals in them are triggered when they start absorbing sunlight.

2. Must Block the Light

Sunglasses must block adequate light to protect the eyes from bright light and the sun. So again, check the label to ensure its capability to block light. It should be able to screen out at least 70 to 90 per cent of the visible light. As such, there is a trick to ensure how good the sunglasses are in blocking the light.

When trying out the sunglasses, wear them and stand before the mirror. If you can see your eyes through the lenses, they are not dark enough to block the light. As such, do not hesitate to carry out this trick to find the best one.

3. Choose Bigger

Sizes do matter in a sunglass; it makes sense as only comprehensive coverage can protect your eyes from the harsh sun rays. Meanwhile, if you are not very particular about the look and only care about your eye protection, there is nothing wrong with opting for oversized sunglasses. And sometimes, oversized sunglasses may even look good on you. Besides, make sure you pick the glasses with the right fit.

4. The Quality of the Lens

The quality of a lens depends upon the tint, so ensure the tint of the lens is uniform on both sides. As such, there is a way to check and confirm the level of tint uniformity.

Holding the glass at an arm’s distance and looking through the lens can make the imperfections become visible to you. Also, gradually, move the glass across straightly to find defects through the edge curves or when you move, sway or distort.

In the meantime, there are many different kinds of lenses to choose from. For instance, there are photochromic lenses that automatically darken in bright situations.

5. Impact Resistance

There are no completely shatter-proof glasses. However, quality glasses must align with specific standards regarding impact resistance. And many glasses come with different degrees of impact resistance to meet the need. For instance, sunglasses for men and women designed exclusively for sports have higher impact resistance than the usual ones. This feature also depends upon the lenses. Moreover, you can choose glasses made of polycarbonate lenses that are scratch resistant.

So, these are essential factors one has to consider before making the final purchase decision. And apart from the aesthetic need, it plays a significant role in protecting your eyes. Thus, it is essential to focus more on the functionality of the sunglasses when you buy one.

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