10 Modern Costume Ideas

What are the most excellent costume ideas, and how should you choose one? Modern costumes are a prominent art form and vehicle for self-expression and creativity.

There are several styles of modern costumes to pick from. Choosing the best one for you might be challenging and daunting.

Your preferred style might influence your budget, taste, culture, and season. To help you with choosing a costume, here are ten modern costume ideas to get you inspired and help you stand out.

Bridgerton’s Kate Sharma

In an American historical romance movie called Bridgerton, Lady Whistledown has undoubtedly generated a lot of interest in the binge-worthy TV program.

As you admired Daphne and the Duke’s relationship in the first season of the program or drooled over the Viscount and Kate Sharma in season 2, Bridgerton costumes are sure to be popular this Halloween. It will make you and your partner a great match. This costume is available at Costume Shop Sydney.

Inventing Anna’s Anna Delvey

Another popular costume is the phony German heiress who conned her way into New York’s high society by continually saying, “the wire transfer is on its way” however, it never came.

With this easy-to-create outfit, you can “fake it until you make it.” You only need a black gown and a few dazzling jewellery pieces to persuade anybody that you are the sole VIP.

Euphoria’s Maddy

Euphoria is a well-known TV show with many stylish and memorable looks! Maddy’s New Year’s Eve dress moment in season 2 is one that we all remember!

You may effortlessly purchase one of Maddy’s most well-known Euphoria outfits. Besides her black cutout dress that will make you look amazing, you can make it perfect with a dramatic eye and a dark lip.

Only Murders in the Building’s Mabel Mora

Dress up as Mabel Mora from Only Murders in the Building, a comedy-mystery program in which three neighbours team together to uncover a recent murder in their apartment building.

To complete Mabel’s costume, wear a faux fur coat, red headphones, and additional colours of yellow. It will be less effort if you have these in your closet.

One Piece’s Luffy

Who doesn’t know Luffy? The One Piece character will delight anime fans from all across the globe. Pair a red vest with your favourite faded denim shorts for a relaxed outfit. Wear Birkenstock sandals that will last a lifetime.

When you get this costume from Costume Shop Sydney, you’ll look like a dashing pirate in Luffy’s dazzling yellow straw hat.

Selena Quintanilla

You’ll amaze your admirers if you wear magnificent studded attire like the famous Mexican actress Selena Quintanilla. They shared her story in the second part of her Netflix documentary.

If you want to look like her, you can wear a rhinestone bustier and high-waisted black pants with a Western-style belt. You may mix metals with gold and silver hoop earrings for a fun and bold style available from Costume Shop Sydney.

Scoob’s Velma

You can also dress as Velma from Scoob! After giving your pet a frightening Scooby Snack, gather the entire group.

You can wear a bob wig, a thick knitted orange turtleneck sweater, matching stockings, and a red pleated skirt. To complete the appearance, use a pair of black-rimmed spectacles and penny loafers from Costume Shop Sydney.

Taylor Swift’s Folklore Era

Taylor Swift released Folklore a few years ago, the delightful quarantine album we didn’t realize we needed. It swept the web, generating dozens of new fan theories, memes, and YouTube video trends.

For example, find a friend to join you in your Folklore costume as a different period Taylor Swift – Lover. Your companion will need shimmering clothing and heart-shaped glasses. Print each album’s cover image and adhere it to a piece of cardboard to make a necklace.

The Good Place’s Janet

The Good Place ended in January 2020, but you can still commemorate your favourite heartwarming sitcom by dressing up as Janet.

Costume Shop Sydney provides the ideal purple vest and skirt for recreating Janet’s style. Throw on a light blue shirt beneath and a few fake succulents if you want to commit to the role, and you’re ready to go. Now, if you could teleport and summon items, let’s go!


Since Sia’s face is frequently veiled, you’ll need a prominent headpiece bow or wig to wrap the whole of your face. Get her outsized celebrity look with a considerable bob wig, a sky-high bow for more coverage, and an eye-catching ruffled gown.

Complete your look with a great microphone and your favourite liquid lipstick shade from Costume Shop Sydney.

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